Sean McDermotts

Founded 1961

Co. Monaghan

Bingo Rules


The following rules apply to all games of bingo. Customers should ensure that they read them before playing. These rules may be amended from time to time.

1. A fixed price will be charged for each type of book ,single sheet or raffle ticket sold . The prize money for each game will be announced prior to numbers being called

2. At the start of each game the Caller/Host will confirm the colour/number of the game to be played and which combination  ie single line , double line or full panel must be completed to win.

3. Where a  jackpot or snowball prize is in play the caller/ host will announce prior to calling any  numbers the prize and number of calls that will be valid for a claim and if the Jackpot numbers fail to create a winner the game will continue on and additional numbers called  for a standard prize   

4. The Caller/Host will select a number from the Bingo machine and then announce it. The number is deemed called immediately when the Caller/Host commences speaking.

5. The number will also be shown on the Bingo machine indicator board. In the event of a discrepancy, the number shown on the indicator board shall prevail over that announced by the Caller/Host

6. The player should mark off the numbers as they are called on their Bingo ticket but leave it sufficiently legible to be easily checked.

7. The first Player who marks off all the numbers on their ticket for the game in play ie single line double line or full panel should unmute themselves and shout loud and clearly  to stop the game and claim the prize  before the next number is called . The winning card must contain the last number called and the claimant must provide the correct panel number they are claiming as a win

8. It is the Player’s responsibility to make themselves heard by the Caller/Host .  In the event that no claim is made  at the time of the Bingo , the panel number identified by the Bingo machine will be deemed a winner and the promoter will contact the ticket  holder using the email provided with  purchase  

9. On receipt of a claim at the Bingo the Caller/Host will confirm whether the claim is valid.  Winners will be paid after their claim has been validated by the promoter and after the claim is confirmed as being made by the player who received the book and  on the correct game and correctly dated book. Claimants  may be asked to present their book either physically or by photo in order for a claim to be validated and all Bingo books  must be kept intact for a valid claim

10. If more than one player claims the prize, the prize will be divided equally between all players or, if applicable, each winner will receive the advertised minimum win value.

11. In the event of a mechanical malfunction, however caused, or of duplication or incorrect game tickets being issued, resulting in multiple or duplicate claims, all claimants will equally share the declared prize.

12 Once the Caller/Host has declared a game closed and/or the indicator board has been cleared, no further claims will be accepted.

13. Where more than 1 game is played on the same ticket, the 2nd game cannot be won until the 1st game has ended and at least 1 further number has been called.

14. Players  entering into any ticket sharing and/or prize money sharing arrangements of any nature, and whether formal or informal, do so entirely at their own risk. The promoter  does not accept any liability in the event of disputes arising from such arrangements or any sharing function offered on its products. The promoters only obligation is to pay the stated prize money to the player holding the winning bingo ticket.

15 In the event of an equipment breakdown, which prohibits the continuation of a game in progress, all numbers called will stand while the game is continued on some other form of equipment.

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